Senior Data Engineer - UK

London, United Kingdom


(No relocation or visa sponsorship is provided for this position).


CluePoints provides best-in-class statistical and AI-driven software solutions to enable the Life Sciences industry to focus on what matters most. Our products enable both risk planning and operational risk monitoring, and utilize advanced statistical algorithms to determine the quality of clinical trial data both during and following study execution. 


This is an internal facing position, part of Data & Analytics team to spearhead the development of a robust centralized Data Warehouse infrastructure. This role entails architecting, designing, and implementing data solutions aimed at consolidating and optimizing data storage and management processes. The Senior Data Engineer will be responsible for orchestrating the integration of data from different sources into the Data Warehouse, ensuring data consistency, accuracy, and reliability and build robust KPI dashboards to various stakeholders.


- Lead the design and implementation of robust and scalable data architecture solutions on the Azure platform, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Drive the implementation of data integration processes to seamlessly ingest data from diverse sources into Azure, leveraging Azure Data Factory to design and develop ETL processes efficiently.
- Champion the maintenance of data quality, reliability, and integrity within Azure-stored datasets by enforcing data governance policies, conducting QA checks, and establishing effective monitoring mechanisms to uphold data quality standards.
- Utilize analytical skills to assess raw data and source system data models, ensuring comprehensive analysis before loading data into newly established data warehouses.
- Establish and nurture strong relationships with business stakeholders across all organizational departments, fostering collaboration and alignment of data initiatives with strategic business objectives.
- Take ownership of maintaining documentation such as data dictionaries and data models, and actively share knowledge and expertise with team members to cultivate a culture of continuous learning and improvement.
- Develop advanced Power BI dashboards to deliver interactive and insightful visualizations that empower stakeholders to derive actionable insights from complex datasets using DAX.
- Demonstrate adaptability and effectiveness in working under a hybrid working model, delivering high-quality work across global teams with efficiency and professionalism.


- A passionate technologist with an inherent love for data, eager to drive insights and innovation
- Demonstrated mastery of SQL is essential, including proficiency in creating tables, views, stored procedures, and crafting succinct queries to populate our Power BI models effectively.
- Minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience in analyzing and extracting data from diverse sources, showcasing a deep understanding of data extraction (including REST APIs) methodologies and best practices.
- Extensive 5-year background in leveraging Azure Data Factory, SQL Databases, and Power BI, demonstrating a strong command over Microsoft Azure's data ecosystem.
- Proven track record of crafting and delivering impactful Power BI reports, adeptly illustrating key performance indicators (KPIs) using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) to drive data-informed decisions.
- Demonstrated expertise in working with Azure SQL Database, coupled with the ability to apply industry-standard data warehousing methodologies such as Kimball or Inmon, ensuring robust and efficient data storage and retrieval.
- Adept at working autonomously and effectively managing multiple projects concurrently, showcasing strong organizational and time-management skills, along with the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
- Bachelor/Master’s degree in relevant field, or equivalent by experience.


- Previous SaaS experience - working with Software as a Service (SaaS) companies

- SSIS experience: Proficiency in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is advantageous, as it demonstrates the ability to design, implement, and manage robust data integration solutions within Microsoft SQL Server environments, complementing our data engineering initiatives.
- Alteryx experience: Experience with Alteryx analytics platform is a plus, indicating expertise in data blending, advanced analytics, and workflow automation, which can enhance our data processing capabilities and accelerate insights generation.
- GitLab experience: Familiarity with GitLab for version control and collaborative software development is desirable, showcasing proficiency in managing code repositories and facilitating team collaboration

Our current stack includes: Azure SQL Databases, Azure Data Factory, Power BI, GitLab and Alteryx

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